Publications and Honors


2018 Pushcart Prize nominee, “Postcards from My Future Self: Inland Empire”

2018 Submittable Eliza So Fellowship, Feeding Myself

2018 Beecher’s Creative Nonfiction Contest, 1st place runner up, “The Tour”

2018 Midway Journal Flash and Poetry Contest, 3rd place winner, “Postcards from My Future Self: Inland Empire”

2018 Room Magazine Creative Nonfiction Contest, long-list finalist, “Dangerous Curves”



Mom Egg Review


Storm Cellar

Memoir Magazine



“What Happens in Vegas”



“The Tour” (hard copies available for purchase, Spring 2019)


Midway Journal

“Postcard from My Future Self: Inland Empire” 


*82 Review

Postcards from My Future Self:  Tucumcari, New Mexico; Chimney Rock State Park, North Carolina; New Orleans, Louisiana


Wanderlust: A Narrative Map

Postcards from My Future Self: Spain

June 13, 2008


Assay:  A Journal of Nonfiction Studies

Truer Words Were Never Spoken: On the Challenges of Writing About Family in Creative Nonfiction/Memoir

The Historical Women:  Reimagining Past Narratives Through the Contemporary Female Perspective

The Enhanced Memoir:  When It Happened To Me Isn’t Enough


Orange County Register

Lessons in Love

Love Letters Still Tell The Story


Savvy Auntie

Confidence 101:  Learning to Say, “I Belong Here”

6 Ways to Encourage Positive Body Image in Kids

If Your Shot Is Off, Shoot Until You’re On Again

For Valentine’s Day, Love Yourself

A Letter to My Niece as She Grows

Using Technology and Auntie Power to Stay the Course

Lessons From A Niece:  How To Handle Bullies

Encouraging Tech Savvy Nieces

ABC’s of Gratitude for Aunties

4 Ways to Give Back During the Holidays